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Our take away of the EuroSTAR 2018


1. Designing good test cases is challenging


I cannot emphasize how often I heard a potential client say, well when we have Test Automation fully covered thanks to you guys, “I guess my test cases need to be really good”. Well yes, but you are already on your way if you have one thing covered (Test Automation) so you can fully focus on fixing the test case specifications. Nevertheless, we made an assessment and decided to extend our own toolchain with a software that assists you in creating test cases based on your business processes. Stay tuned, we will announce it in detail by Q1 2019.


2. Visualizations of business process is a new trend


At this trade shows, we meet several exhibitors, who showed us their solution to visualize business processes, which then should help you to create good test cases. This was very interesting to see. Since this is a crucial step towards automation, this idea does not seem too farfetched.  


3. The TestResults.io business model is still unique


There were no exhibitors with a business model like ours. Which makes us really proud. If you like to get small reminder, we can summarize it at follows: We enable companies to speed up their development cycles by providing a service that automates testing, combined with a pay as you go payment model.


4. Tool vendors still sell their old unfulfilled promises


From our perspective a trend that remains the same. Tool vendors still sell their  tools as the holy grail of testing which solves all of your problems with little effort.


5. Everybody likes our iceberg infographic


If you like to see it (again), just click here and check out the blog entry with the famous infographic.


6. We had a lot of fun, just check out the pictures we took 😉


We invite you to check out our pictures and videos that we took at EuroSTAR 2018 Expo.