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Update News:

Both our TestResults.io engine and models were extended with new innovative algorithms that aid in element detection. The TestResults.io engine includes the first iteration of TestResults.io’s Visual DOM. Moreover, our models were enhanced with new methods to handle notifications and warning popups.

As always we have a ton of other new features in our visual designer, testresults.io engine and naturally also in our models for you to leverage immediately.


codefied expertise

  • Multi-detection: New methods to handle notification and warning popups, i.e., you can wait for multiple screens or objects and the test can do clean-up work for popups that are not part of the functional test

  • Automatic detection of drop-down content area with boundaries agnostic layout scan, i.e., drop down don’t need to have any visible boundary anymore. The new algorithm will still detect them based on visual differences.

  • Every screen provides a default scroller (base-screen change)

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Visual Designer

  • Better Git support for foreign test suites, images are automatically restored

  • Automatically updating referenced models thorough support for nuget floating references

  • Tuned pixel ratio calculation (for all devices)

  • Multiple performance improvements for startup and solution loading time

  • UX Enhancements:

      • Test Environment viewer is automatically activated on execution
      • Additional information in screen editor
      • Direct access to Boolean settings in page editor
      • Scrolling in Test Environment viewer
  • Alignment with Visual Studio 2019 properties management

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  • First iteration of TestResults.io’s Visual Document Object Model (DOM). Currently we provide you information on logical distance. Additional updates will bring a full Visual DOM.

  • Text detection extended with new AI based algorithm in combination with new machine learning based models

  • Optimized startup time for first step execution in case text detection is used

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