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Be my Valentine!

Originally, I wanted to write about the tester that must do his testing manually and does not find any time for his loved one. Not to mention, planning a weekend away within the country with his or her loved one.

But that would anticipate that the tester is not being in the same location as the loved one and even more, both working and living in the same location. Because COVID-19 demands for us to stay at home for living and working, no social events outside, you are constrained to your 4 walls. Sharing them alone, as couple or as couple with children. All three are limited during the normal days to one location.

Classic Valentine’s Day

Usually Valentine’s day, meant that you were able to do something together with your loved ones, being outdoors, active events, candlelight dinner in a fancy restaurant or booking a wellness retreat for two. Enjoying the time spent together, since everyone is working or house-& day-keeping during the week. Having time just the two of you. But considering the constraints of the VIRUS. We are no longer missing our partner during the week since he or she are only a room away. We do not have the luxury of missing them. They are omnipresent during the entire week.

Spending time ALONE

Some critics of the Valentine’s Day even go so far as to having the opinion, that the only thing people really care for now, is having time to be ALONE. Having the luxury of being alone and missing the other half. But this means only that instead of having the classic newly found lovers or couples with  or without children, additionally you have couples that are spending some quality time with themselves to charge the batteries and are coming home longing for the partner.

  • The newly found lovers

  • The couple with or without children

  • The 1/2 couple rechargers

Traditions remain!

So, flowers, chocolates and other gifts will still be sent, and hotel arrangements still booked. The later, this year a bit more tailored to the specific needs and not only a standardized arrangement, but also having another target group arriving “the ½ couple recharger”.

Quality time for two or alone

No matter what group you belong to, or even if you belong to the Valentines Day haters, you will spend some quality time together or alone. And so, I am coming back to the tester that must do the testing manually.

How about automated software testing, that gives you the needed quality time, you long for? Interested? Check out our Free Trial! And have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Your Valetine’s Gift