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Visual Studio 2022 is released

With the official release of Visual Studio 2022, the TestResults.io extension with the new designer is one of the first extensions available for VS2022 in 64bit. 🎉

But what’s new with Visual Studio 2022 and TestResults.io?
Our top 3:

  1. more intuitive, simpler, and clearer: a new look for the TestResults.io designer
  2. AI, AI, AI, less typing, more code: Test cases can now be written AI-supported in the designer
  3. more productive in a team and alone: with improved LiveShare and HotReload

TestResults.io Designer as a Visual Studio extension doesn’t mean you have to program to automate your test cases. With us, you have both (very Generation Z 😜): no-code/low-code and a powerful development environment.

Or in other words: Lowest effort, biggest wow! This is how testing works today 😏😎