1. Designing your test strategy

If you are currently in the phase where you test by guts feeling, this is the package you need. One of our test strategy experts sit together with you and discusses your plans. Based on the discussions, which must be continuous process, our test strategy expert will create a matching test strategy with you.

This includes:

  • How to adapt manual testing

  • When to use risk based testing

  • Which of your scenarios can benefit from automated testing

  • How to start with explorative testing

  • How to integrate key-users/subject matter experts in the test strategy

  • How to define test plans and reports (including a master test plans and reports)

and as a special highlight:

How to identify the maximum feature coverage with the least test cases.
This alone will be worth the strategy consoluting.

A test strategy consulting is usually between two to four weeks of effort distributed over a time of up to three months. As it will be mostly you that is developing the test strategy with inputs from our expert you ensure that the test strategy is will understood and can be lived, before our engagement ends.

2. Kick-Start your test automation

If you have already identified that you want to introduce test automation and have decided for TestResults.io we provide an assisted kick-start. Our automation experts will define the automation model and the first test cases for you.

This brings you the benefit that you save time and deliver first test results as soon as possible.

  • No better way to accelerate the ROI.

A kick-start usually takes between one and six months, depending on your expectation with a usual workload of 14 days per month.

3. The “All Done” option

Together with our partners you are freed from the topic of test automation. You deliver the test reports in any format to your dedicated TestResults.io platform. From this point on our automation experts take over and deliver a set of ready to execute test cases.

  • The duration of the All Done option is defined by you.

  • A minimum contract duration of three months is required.

  • Automated test cases are approved by you.

Data storage

4. Migrate your existing test solution to a modern platform

You already use other test automation tools but want to reduce costs. 

This can be based on:

  • License prices

  • Maintenance overhead reduction

  • Execution speed increasements

We make sure that your problems are solved while migrating to TestResults.io

The result of this package is a detailed plan on how to migrate. If your order TestResults.io, please ask for this package and let the salesman know which solutions you are currently using.