Your ERP System. The backbone of your company.

Purchase, HR & payroll, Field Service, Procurement & Sourcing, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Finance and Sales. All systems connect to you ERP. How confident do you feel today when you rollout a change to your ERP? If had doubts in the past, read on.


Can automation help?

The most important part of automated testing for ERP is the support for all systems that either consume from or produce data for your ERP. On top of that it must be able to validate data as well as reports. These selection criteria require a visual test platform that works platform independent and comes with an out-of-the box model that simplifies automation.

Your key-users team will define the test cases once and afterwards you do have the know-how of everybody involved at your fingertips. does not need any special adapters and support out-of-the-box all your systems that connect to your ERP. Be it SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or any smaller ERP.

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Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Time saver for key resources
  • One centralized dashboard – all tests included
  • End-to-end tests of process spanning multiple systems

Through Features

More than 4000

Our Zapier interface allows you to integrate in more than 4000 systems like Jira or your bug tracker, or your CRM, or your …, you name it. We integrate with almost everything.

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Test Lab

Gives access to scale your test environments at your fingertip. You want to run your tests all at them same time? spins up 1000s of VMs in the cloud, also your cloud, according to your specification.

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How to automate a scroller? What about dropdowns? Animated tabs? Our codified expertise implementation provides knowledge of over 12 years of consulting in one ready-to-use model.

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See and use your software as if a human would test it. No reliance on non-existing AutomationIDs or complex, always changing XPaths.

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