Desktop Applications

You are testing classical desktop applications or an integrated solution with a rich client experience? This page is for you.

Do not give up and leverage Visual Testing for your success

With you can stand out of the crowed and test your applications like a human would test them. You do not rely on a specific technology stack anymore. If the application you test has a UI you can automate it, 100% guaranteed.

Visual Testing is not comparing screenshots. It is about enabling you to easily abstract your application into structured visuals that allow you to test any application within hours instead of weeks. No broken UIAutomation hooks, no partial testability.

While it is still not “it just works” it is the first time that you can make your automated testing really work. Faster and easier than any traditional approach like UIAutomation, known-framework deep links etc.

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Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Enables you to test all applications independent of their technology

  • Reduces costs through simplification of your IT tool stack

  • Guided test modelling speeds up your test design

Through Features


See and use your software as if a human would test it. No reliance on non-existing AutomationIDs or complex, always changing XPaths.

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Test Lab

Gives access to scale your test environments at your fingertip. You want to run your tests all at them same time? spins up 1000s of VMs in the cloud, also your cloud, according to your specification.

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No wait() code,
No sleep() code is not based on timings. We observe the system under test 1:1 like a human would and continue with an operation once the previous operation is finished. No need for Sleep(5).

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Verification applied to OCR. Humans are not good in reading texts, neither are computers. Reverse-OCR fixes this by applying previously knowledge to the OCR process.

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