Mobile Applications.

You are developing mobile apps? Are you still doing it the hard way?

Why not just use a solution that works everywhere?

One of the design principles of is “Every feature needs to be implemented so that it feels too good to be true”. That is a slogan that is at the wall of our head quarter.

Same test on all available devices

Imagine how a solution that can be used for mobile testing as well as for backend testing simultaneously, that is able to execute the same test on all available devices and gives you easy to read test reports. Combined with an out-of-the-box test framework that is understandable of non-technical personal as well.

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Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Saves investments: Use existing hardware, test iOS and Android apps real devices or in simulators – without Apple infrastructure

  • Saves time with hassle free mobile setup

  • Run tests on mobile devices in only 10 minutes

  • Cost reduction by reusing existing skills 

Through Features


See and use your software as if a human would test it. No reliance on non-existing AutomationIDs or complex, always changing XPaths.

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How to automate a scroller? What about dropdowns? Animated tabs? Our codified expertise implementation provides knowledge of over 12 years of consulting in one ready-to-use model.

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Verification applied to OCR. Humans are not good in reading texts, neither are computers. Reverse-OCR fixes this by applying previous knowledge to the OCR process.

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Test Lab

Gives access to scale your test environments at your fingertip. You want to run your tests all at them same time? spins up 1000s of VMs in the cloud, also your cloud, according to your specification.

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