Confidence in traceability.

You already have automated test results, but they are not traceable? If you must comply to norms in regulated environments, e.g. ISO 13485 for medical software development or others, and are always forced to have workarounds, this if for you.

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Human Factor, Traceability

Your automation would be less worrisome & you get confidence in critical patches instantly

This saves you weeks of test environment setup time in case that you need to test an older version because of a critical patch. A big advance in case regulatory bodies sent you this letter, nobody was waiting for.

Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Full traceability
  • Full regression testing for every release – no risk/impact assessment
  • Automatically created test documentation – time saver for your tester

Through Features


A test case consists of test plan revisions. A test plan consists of test report revisions. Our full traceability ensures that you can easily fulfill regulations like ISO 13485.

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Intrusion uses operating system or device provided native functionalities like VNC, RDP, ADB, HDMI, … to connect to the test system. No need to install any runner means no need to modify your test environment.

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All your tests, all results, all environments available from in a secure place, accessible via Internet from everywhere. You do not need to install any software to run or manage your test cases.

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How to automate a scroller? What about dropdowns? Animated tabs? Our codified expertise implementation provides knowledge of over 12 years of consulting in one ready-to-use model.

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