Test end-to-end automated across different applications & devices

With the AI-driven TestResults.io autonomous software test automation platform, you can automate entire user journeys and value streams from start to end, including mobile, web, and desktop applications, core systems, databases, ERP, front-end and back-end applications, iFrames, email checks, batch processing, etc.

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“A game-changing software test automation platform. TestResults.io handled the Guild's challenges easily.”

Joe Colantonio, Test Guild

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Cover your test automation gaps plus test entire processes instead of single applications

You have your test automation stack in place but test single applications instead of end-to-end user journeys. You’re testing islands instead of the entire process.

You have applications that are not testable right now as you can’t access the code, often tables are a challenge, your current test automation tools do not support the technology, or you have new technology, like Flutter, that is not yet supported.

This creates gaps, or you could call it black holes, in your test automation. And this is a considerable risk. You should be in control of all the software used in your company and make sure the investments in purchased software and software development are secured, as well as your company. Therefore, testing entire processes end-to-end across all enterprise applications and devices, including e-mail checks, batch processing, and so on, is vital. 

TestResults.io interacts with the software as a user would. No technical dependencies. Completely stable. One automation approach for all the different applications, devices, and technologies.

Speed up your automated software testing and save up to 74% in automation and 33% in execution time

Automating your testing takes a lot of time. It's worth cutting this effort as much as possible to save a lot of time, resources, and money. You're up to 74% faster through the unique automation approach than market leaders. Besides that, you save a lot of time in maintaining your test cases.

If something changes in the software under test, you adjust the model, and all corresponding test cases are updated. And as TestResults.io is entirely stable, you don't have to manage flakiness and keep your test cases alive. They're just running smoothly and allow you to detect more bugs.

As every step gets verified, you see in the report the exact test step where the test case failed—saving time in resolving where and why the software did not work as expected.

And it's essential to get the results as fast as possible. Through the human-like interaction of TetsResults.io without needing extra steps for robustness, the execution time is 33% less than with other often used tools.

You decide who should be involved in test automation without being dependent on experts with special qualifications

Lack of knowledge and experts is a huge topic right now. And experts are expensive. Instead of needing specially trained experts for every single automation tool you're using, you're able now to put your team together however you want or with whomever you have available. From testers, test automation engineers, developers,business analysts, work students, support employees, manual testers starting to automate, …

As TestResults.io combines a no-code GenAI prompt-to-automate designer and a low-code C# designer, it's the only tool, testers, developers, analysts… the entire team, loves. 

With TestResults.io, you get more than just a test automation platform; you get our experts at your side the entire time through…

  • Personal onboarding
  • Weekly coaching calls with tips, tricks, best practices on testing, and test automation plus hot seat
  • Slack channel with other users plus our experts available 6h on working days
  • Expert support, cheered on by all our users
Teamwork in software testing, test automation for developers and testers

What the community is saying

iFrames, browser tab switching, pop-ups, non traditional objects.
I asked the Guild for feedback on what might be a challenging test case that, if handled by a tool, would inspire confidence in its abilities. TestResults.io handled the Guild's challenges easily. No more MacGyver-like automation skills will be needed to obtain a complete automation testing platform for all your testing needs.
Joe Colantonio
Joe Colantonio
Founder, Test Guild
TestResults.io aims to close the gaps in automation testing
It's easy and intuitive to use. It fulfills almost all the user requirements and covers up the challenges as well. This technology can also be used to close gaps you have in your current automation, i.e., things you cannot automate right now, like checking downloaded documents, automating across system borders, solving multi-factor authentication, etc.
Mukta Sharma
Top 100 Influential Women in Tech
You should definitely take a look at TestResults.io
If you haven't tried out TestResults.io, give it a shot, you will love it, I can tell you from my own personal experience. This is something different, something for you to explore something for you to take to your management and talk about.
Brijsh Deb
Brijesh Deb
Founder, The Test Chat

What you can and can't do with TestResults.io

Like a human
You can test automated every software a user can work with. Meaning there needs to be some user interface. No matter if it's on a computer, mobile, table, or other devices like blood analyzing robots, eye surgery instruments, ...
No technical dependencies
You automate end-to-end entire user journeys without limitations.It's functional visual testing. That's different from the visual test automation tools you might know. TestResults.io interacts with the elements by itself (autonomous interactions).
One test case multiple use cases
You can execute the automated test cases as regression, stability, or performance tests.
Loved by the entire team
TestResults.io is for everyone involved in software quality: Software testers, test automation engineers, manual testers starting to automate, business analysts, developers, business, support, and anyone in your company.

And the best thing is that it's the only test automation tool that all the different people with unique backgrounds love to work with. You have a Generative Journey Creator (no-code, prompt-to-automate) and the classic low-code designer in C#.
Regulated markets
It's perfect for regulated markets like MedTech, pharma, life science, and fintech as it is traceable, revision-based, and therefore auditable. You can get all the fantastic designer updates without having to validate them every time, as we offer these companies the so-called frozen engine solution. One of our experts will guide your team through the initial validation, so you don't need to figure it out yourself. If you're interested in learning more, don't hesitate to contact us. 
NO unit testing & manual testing

TestResults.io is not for unit testing and does not yet manage manual testing (but this is coming in 2025).

NO installation on macOS or Linux

You can automate all operating systems, but TestResults.io now runs on Windows OS. TestResults.io Instant, a universal designer that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux, will be released in Q3/24 (but you may still join the Test Automation Zone). 

NO UX testing

It's not for user experience (UX) testing. You can test the layout, but TetsResults.io doesn't have the knowledge about design and layout best practices.

If your user interface in the software changes from time to time and you don't want go through the coordinates and the definitions of your user interface elements just to make the test cases work again, TestResults.io is the tool to take.
Sven Negrassus
Senior Software Engineer

Skyrocket your test automation today and set yourself up for future scenarios

Everything a user can use, the virtual user can test automated. It’s not just todays software like Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP, and Snowflake and so on. It’s legacy software and all the future technologies you don’t even know yet.  

So even in the future, you can automate every user journey with the same approach as today—no new testing stack is needed.

test automation for SAP
test automation for flutter
test automation for Microsoft Dynamics
Pega test automation
test automation for salesforce
test automation for snowflake
test automation for Microsoft SQL Server
test automation for ubuntu
test automation for Java
test automation for workday
test automation for oracle
test automation for MySQL
test automation for Swift
test automation for android mobile
test automation for servicenow
test automation for Windows
+ every other software a user may use

Reduce your effort & take away the complexity of test automation with one single platform

autonomous interactions
Autonomous Interactions

Instead of time-consuming automation

Software testing management dashboard
Management Dashboard

See all the results at a glance

traceable reporting
Traceable Reporting

Short description

Visual Studio Extention
Visual Studio Extension

The power and freedom of the #1 IDE

User Journey Designer

Maintainable no-code automation

Seamless integration
Seamless Integration

Over 3’000 integrations through REST API and zapier

Limitless scalability
Limitless Scalability

New level of simultaneous executions

API testing
API Testing

First model-based API testing platform

remote testing
Remote Testing

Test across the office, home office, or worldwide

Visual Twin
Visual Twin

Automate without access to the software under test

Extrem Shift-left
Extrem Shift-left

Start to automate at mockup stage

software test automation tabel
Table Automation

Easier than ever before with Visual Sense

Learn more
I am very enthusiastic about onboarding and customer service. We got a lot of support, a lot of information, and as soon as I have a question, someone is immediately there to offer me support.

The customer service is stunning, amazing people serving and supporting us.
Oliver Steiner
Software Developer

Stop wasting time, start scaling your test automation with TestResults.io

Test end-to-end cross-application processes with the virtual user
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Any questions?

What is TestResults.io?

TestResults.io is a platform designed for end-to-end autonomous software testing. Our universal test automation approach enables the automation of entire user journeys across various applications and systems, including desktop, web,mobile, ERPs, and both front-end and back-end environments, extending even to batch processing and email verification.

TestResults.io acts as your "user 1" for every release, ensuring stable test execution across different devices and applications, providing quick results that are easier to manage than a Tamagotchi. The platform is available both as SaaS (cloud-based) and on-premises solutions.

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How does TestResults.io work?

TestResults.io automates black box testing without technological limitations. Using behavioral psychology paired with AI, it interacts with software just as a user would, utilizing what we call "Visual Sense" or Stable Intelligent Software Test Automation. This means it recognizes interface elements not by technical identifiers like XPaths or CSS Selectors, but by the labels describing them, just as a human would.This approach allows TestResults.io to automate even elements that were not previously visible.

Currently integrated into the Visual Studio (Community and Professional Edition), TestResults.io is set to evolve into a standalone platform. It supports all devices, systems, and applications—from desktop and web to mobile—enabling testing capabilities for batch processing, email verification, ERP systems, and both front-end and back-end structures.

Using an auto-generated model—an abstraction of the applications to be tested—our GenAI generates and automates test steps based on the user journey across all applications. This model provides the necessary context for GenAI to execute test steps accurately.

While you currently need to specify the use cases to be tested, future updates will enable TestResults.io to autonomously identify relevant test cases, tailor them to specific applications, and perform comprehensive testing without user intervention.

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What software can I test automated with TestResults.io?

TestResults.io can automate testing for any type of software or business process that a user can interact with. The platform enables comprehensive testing of entire user journeys across various environments, including desktop, web, and mobile applications, as well as core systems, ERPs, and both front-end and back-end systems.

It also supports testing across different devices, and extends to batch processing and email verification, ensuring a consistent approach in all scenarios.

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How do I get access to TestResults.io?

Gaining access to TestResults.io is straightforward. You have two main options:

1. Pilot: Start with a paid 30-day pilot by contacting our expert team a expert@testresults.io. This trial allows you to fully explore the capabilities of our platform without any commitment.

2. Test Automation Zone Membership: Register for a free account through the Test Automation Zone membership. This membership provides ongoing access and additional resources to enhance your testing experience.

Choose the option that best suits your needs and start optimizing your testing process today!

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How much does it cost to use TestResults.io?

Pricing for TestResults.io varies depending on the type of license you choose:

1. Genius License (Cloud): Available at CHF 197 per month per user, billed annually. This option is ideal for individuals or small teams looking to automate their testing processes.

2. Enterprise License: We offer customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of larger organizations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will provide a personalized quote.

For detailed pricing information and to get in touch with our team, click here.

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Who else is using TestResults.io?

TestResults.io is trusted by leading companies across various industries. Our clients include major Swiss banks, financial service providers, and prominent MedTech companies like Quidle Ortho, COSMO CONSULT, and Artensis in Life Sciences and Pharma.

We also serve organizations in product development and insurance sectors such as CSS Versicherungen, among many others. New and notable customers are continuously joining us, further enhancing our diverse portfolio.

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Who is behind TestResults.io?

TestResults.io was founded by Tobias Müller and Daniela Bohli, who also lead the Swiss-based company. Tobias, serving as CEO, brings over 25 years of experience in software development and more than 13 years as a consultant. During his consultancy career, he recognized a significant decline in software quality and the lack of effective tools for automated software testing.

Together with Daniela, the CMSO and co-founder, they launched TestResults.io with a mission to elevate global software quality standards. Frustrated with the status quo and driven by their extensive real-world experience, they envisioned a new approach to automated software testing. Their innovative efforts are guided by their visionary mindset and supported by leading investors.

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