Automate testing of cross-software processes 57% faster virtual user enables you to test the complete user journey technology agnostic. Recognize risks before the customers do. No flakiness. No hustle. No unnecessary maintenance.

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Virtual user, your new best friend

The day-to-day struggles in test automation, simple things like scrolling to the right place, getting stable locators, take a lot of time and nerves. Dirty hacks always fire back regarding high maintenance efforts or flaky test cases.

With the virtual user, we got rid of all the annoying, unnecessary stuff in test automation. You no longer need to waste your time and nerves for …
flaky tests
time-consuming maintenance effort
pain with IDs
legacy software, graphical, text, API-based software
dynamic elements, visually complex scenarios, tables, or 3D modeling and rendering software
pop-ups, iFrames, cross-domain, shadow DOM, OTP, captcha
confirmation emails, reports, layouts (PDF, Excel, etc.)
user journeys across different systems, browsers, and devices
Your new teammate is intuitive to work with. No certification or special training is needed.

Who is this virtual user, you’re wondering

It’s an AI-based way to interact automated with the software under test the same way a user would – completely stable. The fundament builds the TrueTest technology. With it, the automation and maintenance effort is reduced to a minimum: zero flakiness and the enlightening feeling of being in control of your automation and test scenarios.

This unique approach makes it possible for the first time to test autonomously across software, system and technology boundaries from a process perspective with the same approach.

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Test Case vs. User Journey

Verify your software from a user's point of view

We talk about the user journey, not test cases because with, you don’t just automate single test cases. You automate complete processes, the whole journey a user takes through different applications, systems, browsers, windows, devices, …

A user journey is much more than a test case. It’s the way your user interacts with the software under test. It’s THE way everything should be tested.

If your user interface in the software changes from time to time and you don't want go through the coordinates and the definitions of your user interface elements just to make the test cases work again, is the tool to take.
Sven Negrassus
Senior Software Engineer

Skyrockyour test automation today and set yourself up for future scenarios

Everything a user can use, the virtual user can test automated. It’s not just todays software like Dynamics 365, Salesforce, SAP, and Snowflake and so on. It’s legacy software and all the future technologies we don’t know yet.  

So even in the future, you can automate every user journey with the same approach as today—no new testing stack is needed.

+ every other software a user may use

The best results come from good teamwork

Great teamwork starts with the proper tooling. With it was never easier for software testers and developers to collaborate.

Developers work with our Visual Studio extension in their known development environment. And testers without automation or a coding background automate with the no-code User Journey Designer.

Both approaches deliver to the same models and create maintainable test cases.

Everything you need for great results in one platform

Autonomous Interactions

Instead of time-consuming automation

Management Dashboard

See all the results at a glance

Traceable Reporting

Short description

Visual Studio Extention

The power and freedom of the #1 IDE

User Journey Designer

Maintainable no-code automation

Seamless Integration

Over 3’000 integrations through REST API and zapier

Limitless Scalability

New level of simultaneous executions

API Testing

First model-based API testing platform

Remote Testing

Test across the office, home office, or worldwide

Visual Twin

Automate without access to the software under test

Extrem Shift-left

Start to automate at mockup stage

Tabel Automation

Easier than ever before with Visual Sense

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I am very enthusiastic about onboarding and customer service. We got a lot of support, a lot of information, and as soon as I have a question, someone is immediately there to offer me support.

The customer service is stunning, amazing people serving and supporting us.
Oliver Steiner
Software Developer


Every user matters to us

We are on your side at every step you take with our amazing Europe-based support team. Highly appreciated by our customers.
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Made for real life-testing with leading-edge technology

We solved all common test automation problems for you. You don't have to worry about the stuff you normally would.
All common automation problems solved out-of-the box
Codified Expertise with over 16 years of test automation knowledge
Virtual user & TrueTest Technology

Scale your test automation and your abilities

Automate faster and more stable than you ever had without special training or certification. reduces the time for testing radically thanks to our AI-driven virtual user for autonomous testing
Zero flakieness
Minimal maintenance
Autonomous interaction

Automation Cloud included from the start

Run your user journeys from everywhere on dynamically created VMs in the cloud with a single click. As is a platform your backed with anything needed to get results fast.
Cloud scaling integrated from the start
Reuse the same journey for regression, stability, performance testing and monitoring tasks
It's an integral part of No involvement of IT department needed

Stop wasting time, start scaling your test automation with

Test cross-application processes with the virtual user
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