One single approach and platform to test the entire business processes from email checks, enterprise applications to mobile

No need to learn different frameworks or having multiple experts in your team to handle your company's various applications and systems. No more know-how silos and gaps (=risks) in your automated testing.

Our Technology

Don't let test automation be your bottleneck and automate testing for new features up to 74% faster

The unique's AI-driven TrueTest technology eliminates the complexity of test automation. Making your automated testing stable (for real!), speeds you up in automation by up to 74%, and enables citizen developers, testers, developers, business analysts, and test automation engineers to automate.

Visual Matching – no more flakiness

Identifies elements in a technology-agnostic way through image convolution, text detection, and our unique ReverseOCR Visual Matching

Visual Hints – solves complexity

Identifies interaction position without hints through spatial algorithms and automatic candidate selection.

It doesn’t matter if the label is outside or inside, above, left from the field or anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if the position changes in a responsive layout. Visual Hints, always knows what label is related to which field. Visual Sense

Autonomous Interactions – enables everyone to automate

Knows how to interact with elements through autonomous interactions and automatic verification.

You get the common elements automated for you out of the box, like dropdowns, tables, buttons, text boxes, and more. Codified Expertise
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What the community is saying

iFrames, browser tab switching, pop-ups, non traditional objects.
I asked the Guild for feedback on what might be a challenging test case that, if handled by a tool, would inspire confidence in its abilities. handled the Guild's challenges easily. No more MacGyver-like automation skills will be needed to obtain a complete automation testing platform for all your testing needs.
Joe Colantonio
Joe Colantonio
Founder, Test Guild aims to close the gaps in automation testing
It's easy and intuitive to use. It fulfills almost all the user requirements and covers up the challenges as well. This technology can also be used to close gaps you have in your current automation, i.e., things you cannot automate right now, like checking downloaded documents, automating across system borders, solving multi-factor authentication, etc.
Mukta Sharma
Top 100 Influential Women in Tech
You should definitely take a look at
If you haven't tried out, give it a shot, you will love it, I can tell you from my own personal experience. This is something different, something for you to explore something for you to take to your management and talk about.
Brijsh Deb
Brijesh Deb
Founder, The Test Chat

Everything you need for great results in one platform


Prompt your User Journey (GenAI)

It was never easier to automate your test case. No matter what background you or your team have (Business Analyst, Tester, Project Manager, Trainee, Support Agent), they are now officially part of your automation team.

With's GenAI, you prompt your test cases, aka user journeys, end-to-end across various applications, devices, and technologies.

AUTonomous Interactions

No more time-consuming automation

The virtual user removes the pain and hustle of test automation for you. He’s already grown up and doesn’t need to be trained. And that’s just the beginning of where we are heading in autonomous software testing.

USer Journey Designer

No-code AND maintainable

Forget about click and record features. The User Journey Designer is the new way to make automation of the user journey accessible to everyone who needs to get involved—an easy and maintainable way to automate your software testing.

Visual Studio Extension

The test automation solution the entire team loves to work with

As a developer or Test Automation Engineer, you're most likely not up to work with a no-code or, in the Engineer's words, a "dummy" tool. We get it. And you don't have to.

The entire team can work with the way they're used to working. You can automate end-to-end user journeys across various applications, devices, and technologies in your known and trusted environment, Visual Studio. While you don’t have to worry about the common automation challenges, they're already solved for you, or as we call it, autonomous interactions.

Visual Studio Extention

Impress your boss and make your colleagues scratch their heads in envie

The same framework to automate every kind of software and device

Complex enterprise software, SaaS, databases, core banking systems, websites, mobile applications, and desktop applications, or every other software: you automate them the exact same way. Get familiar with this straightforward approach once, and you can automate every process over your complete software landscape, no matter what technology is underneath. 

In other words: Your automation abilities and output scaled by signing up.

In 3 clicks from dashboard overview to a single bug

When a test fails, the most important thing is to understand why. Therefore you should be able to access the issue quickly. With, you're never more than 3 clicks away.

As it can be hard to reconstruct where in the software the hides (fails at step 21 bug while is in step 16), points you to the step where the bug actually is with a screenshot as evidence.

You will never waste your time again figuring out where the bugs are in a failed test case.

Be compliant with MedTech and GAMP regulations is made by MedTech experts. Test cases are revision-based and the automated execution/reports are according to the regulations with expected results verified after every step, evidence and traceable. Your automated testing with is fully auditable.

You get traceable reporting from logfile to exportable Excel and PDF reports. You may even individualize the layout to your needs.

Side effect: less sweaty palms at your next audit.

CI/CD Pipeline

Seamless integration into your existing systems

Jira/XRay, Jenkins, and over 3’000 other tools can be integrated with out of the box without any extra charge. becomes an indispensable part of your development system, workflow, and CI/CD pipeline. Or the other way around, by integrating other tools into, you have, for example, all results on the same dashboard.

API Testing

Model-based API testing

To test complete processes across multiple technologies API can’t be missing. Test the API with and without OpenAPI specifications isolated or as part of the user journey.


Automate your testing already at mockup stage

Start automating your user journey before the software is even developed instead of doing everything at the last minute right before the release. Through the extreme shift-left approach, you can automate your user journeys based on mockups, even hand-drawn ones. And map it in no time with the software as soon as it is ready.

You too, should have the tool to automate up to 74% faster

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“After a few hours I already had the first test step automatically executed and now we are in the process of creating all tests and as more screens and methods are already existing, as faster we will be able to automate the tests”
Benjamin Spiess loves
Benjamin Spiess
Product Manager, Artensis
Scale your test execution limitless and save hours

You get as many virtual users as you need to test your software simultaneously in one click. You get the job done much faster or switch to the performance test mode to stress test your application.

Limitless scalability to skyrocket your software quality

Scheduled Executions

Need to test a workflow or other time-dependent processes? No problem. Schedule the execution according to your time plan. Eg. To check transferred admin rights during holidays or if notifications and emails are triggered at the right time.

Change it in one place and all automated test cases are updated

To streamline the process and ensure efficiency for you,'s approach is model-based. This means that the automated test cases refer to the software model.  

If your software under test (SUT) changes, you only need to update the model, and all corresponding test cases are accurate. You don't need to know which test cases are affected by the SUT changes.

VIsual twin

Automate your testing without access to the software under test

Additional licenses for automating user journeys may get pricey pretty fast. With your software's automatically generated Visual Twin, everyone can automate test cases without taking care of licenses or even internet access.

remote testing

Test across the office, home office, or worldwide

Automated tests should never run on your local computer. On the one hand, you need your PC to work, and on the other hand, if the user journeys pass on your device, it doesn't mean the final product will work on the user's computer due to additional software and runtimes installed. And besides that, with remote test automation, you can run the user journeys wherever you want.

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