Privacy Policy

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Personenbezogene Daten (nachfolgend zumeist nur „Daten“ genannt) werden von uns nur im Rahmen der Erforderlichkeit sowie zum Zwecke der Bereitstellung eines funktionsfähigen und nutzerfreundlichen Internetauftritts, inklusive seiner Inhalte und der dort angebotenen Leistungen, verarbeitet. Gemäß Art. 4 Ziffer 1. [...]

Core Banking

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Core Banking. Maximum confidence required. Being a Swiss product understands how important precision is to you and your customers. We understand regulated markets ISO norms, regulatory bodies. Most test automation providers do [...]


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CRM. Customers. Confidence. Your CRM is hosted in the cloud; your implementation partners work agile allowing them to deliver new changes every other week.  And you still relay on your key users to make sure that the data [...]

About Us

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Our mission: Regain trust in software. If you want to deliver your software and want to be confident in its quality, you need The only integrated solution that your testers, your automation engineers and your developers [...]


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Documenation In our Documentation you will find the needed input and guide for our automated testing solution. You will encounter the chapters on our Portal and our Designer. If you can't find what you need, [...]

Mobile Apps

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Mobile Applications. You are developing mobile apps? Are you still doing it the hard way? Mobile apps have their own challenges in testing for which most of the available test tools try to provide [...]

Desktop Applications

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Desktop Applications You are testing classical desktop applications or an integrated solution with a rich client experience? This page is for you. As everybody goes mobile or web it is assumed that desktop applications [...]

ISO 13485 conformity

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Confidence in traceability. You already have automated test results, but they are not traceable? If you must comply to norms in regulated environments, e.g. ISO 13485 for medical software development or others, and are always forced to have [...]

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