API Testing: Challenges & Tools

API Testing: Challenges & Tools

May 14, 2024

API Testing is a pivotal element in the ever-evolving field of software development.

This practice not only identifies and resolves functional errors before they affect our users but also ensures the safe transfer of data fortifying system reliability.

Its time and cost-effective nature positions API Testing as a vital strategy for upholding the integrity and performance of our systems.

In this webinar, we delve deep into API Testing, exploring its challenges and key aspects that will help us comprehend why it is so important.

We also dive into mocks, their advantages, how to create them, and present a demo of WireMock, an open-source tool for API mocking.


Tobias Müller: CEO at TestResults.io

Micaela Rodriguez: QA Automation at Abstracta


Paz de Soto, Customer Success Manager at Abstracta

By attending this session, you will:

-Understand key aspects of API Testing

-Get tips to overcome the main challenges

-Learn about API mocking and how to use WireMock

- Learn how to handle OAuth2 tokens with automatic refreshment token handling

- Learn about 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)

- Learn about checking all of the response codes simultaneously

- Learn about the formal correctness of JSON responses and how to check them

As you can see, we go deep into the topic of Application Programming Interface testing!

If you're looking to get some help from an AI-powered test automation platform to automate all the API tests while you're exploring your software, why not try TestResults.io today?

You'll get to experience the amazing satisfaction of releasing software that actually works!