6 Resources for a More Resilient Tester Mindset

6 Resources for a More Resilient Tester Mindset

May 14, 2024

In the realm of software testing, we shoulder a significant responsibility. Each of us understands that the quality of the final product directly depends on our ability to identify and rectify errors.

But it also gives us a great chance to make our thinking stronger and to get better at handling challenging situations at work!

In this blog post, we share some valuable podcasts and blog posts that can help you develop a stronger, more resilient testing mindset:

The Test Chat's "What Lies Beneath" by Brijesh Deb

Ask Me Anything-Session

Do you always find it so exciting to look behind the scenes and experience the people behind innovative products and novel ideas live?
To find out things that you wouldn't otherwise get to hear.

On The Test Chat YouTube channel, exciting topics from the testing world are regularly discussed, and well-known testing personalities such as Michael Bolton, James Bach, and Maaret Pyhäjärvi are made accessible to the community in the "Ask Me Anything" series.

The format is not subtitled "What Lies Beneath ..." for nothing.

In this AMA episode with Tobias Müller, you can find out what inspired him to create TestResults.io, what challenges he had to overcome, and what mindset is needed to offer a new technological perspective in testing.

📈You're bound to notice some parallels with your career - listen to the pleasant roundtable with Brijesh and Tobias to hear how your allies define testing.

"Visual Test Automation and Why Green Dashboards are Bad" by Joe Colantonio

TestGuild's Automation Testing Podcast

In the era of DevOps, the frequency of releases has surged, giving rise to a plethora of unforeseen issues from the customer's perspective.

How should one tackle these?

In this Automation Testing Podcast Episode, Joe Colantonio asks Tobias Müller to impart his insights on automation, particularly within regulated settings.

Uncover the challenges customers in regulated sectors encounter due to DevOps practices, learn strategies to address common difficulties in these markets, and explore how advanced functional visual test automation can be a game-changer.

If you're planning a quick jog today - take the two testing experts with you 🎧:

🔗Automation Testing Podcast

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Automation Testing Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Establish a position of credibility and indispensability

Blogpost by TestResults.io

Being in a testing role isn't always straightforward.

While the differences between testing and development are frequently lightened with humor through amusing memes, it can be tough when testing is undervalued or incorporated into a project too late with inadequate resources.

You might find that stakeholders don't always recognize the significance of your contribution, but the customers certainly do!

This realization was a key driver for Pascal, our Principal Verification Engineer, to offer some advice in this article.

He aims to provide tips on how you can make things easier for yourself and maximize the impact on company success through software testing!

💪 Implement these approaches to strengthen your position as a tester!

Liberated Tester: Tester’s Essential Personality Traits, False Marketing & Views on Conferences

Podcast by Gunesh Patil

This is the most candid conversation on Gunesh Patil's Liberated Tester Podcast!

Gunesh's podcast guests rarely escape real talk because the cards are laid on the table. As the name of the podcast series "Liberated Tester" suggests, thoughts are set liberated.

In this episode, you will learn

  • about the importance of having a bold vision and the strength to stick to it
  • the role of emotional intelligence and active listening in achieving it
  • the power of speaking up
  • the concept of autonomous testing and perception of ChatGPT being "off"

Go for that real talk on your favorite channel:

🔗 Liberated Tester Real Talk

🟢 Liberated Tester Real Talk on Spotify

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Best Automation Testing Tools: The Ultimate List Guide

Blogpost by Joe Colantonio

The wrong tool in software testing can dampen all the positive mindset you've acquired. Finding the ideal test automation tool isn't that easy.

But a tester doesn't surrender so quickly. Especially not a member of Joe Colantonio's community, who has access to the ultimate guide listing the best tools in automation testing.

Joe has interviewed more than 500 testers and developers on his podcast, gaining deep insights into the needs and expectations of the QA community regarding automation solutions.

📄 If you haven't yet checked out the ultimate automation testing tool guide, take a moment to get a quick overview here.

OpenAPI Specification Deep Dive with Lewis Prescott

Podcast by Lewis Prescott

In his podcast "How to Start API Contract Testing" Lewis chats to guests about the challenges they face in software working in a microservice architecture.

Recently, he recorded an episode with Tobias Müller, and they almost forgot to talk about Swagger UI😱 ...in a deep dive about API documentation!

That happened probably because there were so many other insights about contract testing, autonomous testing, entrepreneurship, and OpenAPI!

Find out in the episode with Tobias Müller how OpenAPI Specifications facilitate interoperability between different systems and platforms!

🔗 OpenAPI Specification Episode

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