The 12 Most Popular Testing hacks (you need to know in 2024)

The 12 Most Popular Testing hacks (you need to know in 2024)

May 14, 2024

Discover the top testing hacks and strategies that Pascal has shared with the community throughout the entire year of 2023!


Every Tuesday, you've received hacks, tips, and approaches related to software testing and test automation on LinkedIn.

For example:

💡How you'll never have to request a VM again

💡Which Test Automation KPIs, scarcely tracked by others but crucial for maximum efficiency, should you be monitoring

💡Five logical yet often underestimated methods to overcome common challenges in test automation.


These were just a few of our posts:

Missed some hacks, or weren't there from the beginning?

No problem; This is the ultimate summary!

Here we go with the big recap, an ultimate collection of helpful everyday hacks and approaches you can implement in your daily testing work, saving you a lot of time and energy!

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

When automating tests for applications in a virtual environment, it is often impossible to run the test directly on the VDI machine.

Instead of attempting to bring automation inside the VDI, a more practical solution is to interact with the application visually through a client.

Here is why this approach allows more accurate and efficient testing and the ability to automate repetitive tasks!


5 KPIs that most QA pros don’t track

But have you ever heard of KPIs like MTDD, NST, or UD?

Learn why you should stop ignoring them and how to start tracking them today! 

Never again request a VM at the IT department!

In several situations, you urgently need a virtual machine – you need it right now and don’t want to wait for the IT department.

Pascal and Jonas found a fantastic solution when they needed it for evaluating on MacOS.

See who’s giving you the free solution!


Mac Users, don’t buy a Windows device!

Have you ever experienced that you wanted to use or test an app, but it only runs on Windows?

You don’t need a 2nd device!

Pascals shows you how you can use over 200k Windows apps (incl. MS Office) on your Mac device, copy-paste and drag & drop files between Windows and Mac, and you can test if your app, which you have developed on Mac, also runs on Windows.

Click here to save the money for another device!


The easy way to analyze crashes

You know the importance of efficient tools for error analysis and system monitoring.

From viewing logs to executing commands, there is a menu that has it all!

Join the league of efficient testers who harness the power of Windows X here.


5 underestimated Methods to Control Your Test Automation

We understand the pain points and challenges you face in your software test automation journey, and we're here to help you overcome them.

Pascal Gyger has curated a collection of powerful methods that will supercharge your testing efforts. 

You will never underestimate these 5 methods again!


Don't let updates ruin your UI tests

Have you ever been in the middle of an automated UI test and, bam, a popup about pending updates appears?

These interruptions risk breaking your test cases and creating what we call 'flaky tests.'

So, these update pop-ups must be disabled!

Learn from Pascal how to control them in the different browsers!


Learnings from a Swiss Bank after a testing turmoil

The UI framework of their fraud management software underwent a significant change, leaving all automated test cases in shambles. Crucial features could only be tested manually, exposing them to high risks and exorbitant costs.

After that worst-case scenario, Pascal supported them in replacing their test automation solution.

These are the key learnings to prevent such a crash.


Being innovative does not mean doing what you always do

If you've encountered testing automation hurdles, you're not alone!
The best testers have faced them, too.

What truly matters is how you tackle them. Is your strategy innovative enough?

If you’re not sure, try these strategies to conquer testing barriers.


Position yourself right in testing and receive more recognition than ever before

In software testing, you know it! Your work is not prioritized, and the time and budget are accordingly small. Pascal has learned from his experience how he can position himself as irreplaceable and directly impact the company's success.

He entrusts you with his guide!


Kill the causes of flaky test cases

We know it's super frustrating when tests get interrupted by pesky pop-ups or unexpected behavior from the testing system. That can be a result of poorly configured VMs.

But as software testing experts, we're all about using virtual machines (VMs) for running automated, regularly scheduled tests overnight. 

So let’s do that VM setup right with Pascal's tips!


How does the User interface react to invalid data?

When you test a website like Instagram, you want to verify the error message that appears when invalid information is provided.What does Instagram do if you don't enter valid registration data?

Pascal tested it and shared the tool he used!


Congratulations, you've probably got the most fabulous hacks in your team, and there will be more soon😉

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