Test Automation and the use of generative AI

Test Automation and the use of generative AI

February 27, 2024

Join us live as four renowned experts in the software testing field - Larry Goddard, Michael Bolton, Paul Grossmann, and Tobias Müller - come together to delve into the captivating world of test automation and generative AI.

They dive into some entertaining and thought-provoking topics. One of the highlights is drawing comparisons with autonomous driving, and they also delve into the tricky issue of AI-caused errors and the responsibilities surrounding them and generally talk about the benefits of generative AI.

The combination of testing expertise and diverse perspectives from our esteemed panelists ensures a multifaceted conversation that will inspire and provoke thought among our audience.

You will enjoy to:

  • Learn about the differences between marketing hypes and the concept of generative AI
  • Find out how far AI can make you a better tester (or not)
  • See Insights on ChatGPT and its results
  • Hear why AI is not taking our jobs

Here are the timestamps of the most important chapters:

04:30 Marketing Hype and ChatGPT

12:25 Ethical aspects and comparison with autonomous driving

25:00 AI in test automation

41:00 AI-powered tools

52:49 Measure of human testing expertise

01:24:20 Why AI is not taking our jobs

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