How should we test enterprise SaaS applications? Gartner's latest assessment.

How should we test enterprise SaaS applications? Gartner's latest assessment.

May 14, 2024

Even though SaaS applications are purchased solutions, the responsibility and ownership lies with the software development department - depending on the number of integrations, extensions and user needs.

Since July 2019, testing of SaaS applications such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workday has increased by more than 8%, according to Gartner's survey.

The latest Gartner report examined how enterprise Saas applications should be tested if ...

  • the part you are testing either of greatest value, greatest risk or greatest change is, during planned provider updates. However, the level of integration and enhancement of the software is very low to none.
  • The layers of the application need to be tested while custom extensions and integrations are developed.
  • Investments in impact analysis and automation technologies when the change cadence is high, the number of extensions and integrations is high, and it is very business critical.

On the last of the three points, Gartner highlights that testing solutions that take a visual approach and also quickly validate the UI across all platforms, browsers and devices can be leveraged.

Exactly like, which Gartner suggests as a test automation solution.

The nature of the necessary tests, integrations, reports, data validation, etc. already suggests that there is a need for an automation approach that is capable of validating graphical elements in addition to the actual functional tests in a platform-independent manner.

However, for enterprise applications, it is important to have a model-based approach that ensures that investments that are made are protected, i.e., existing automations can be used for future versions of the SaaS solution.

Test as agile as your SaaS application is providing updates and become a Testing-Miyagi!

With you can …
  • test all major SaaS applications (CRM, HCM, ERP, ...)
  • test platform independent
  • keep pace with the high update frequency of your supplier
  • save time and money
  • ensure that your SaaS applications and your extensions and integrations are working as they should

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The complete report is available at the Gartner-Portal (Access for registered Gartner customers).

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