Visual Sense: Autopilot for UI Testing

Visual Sense: Autopilot for UI Testing

We have something new and fancy for you today! A sneak peek of our latest feature

Visual Sense. It is like Tesla’s autopilot but for UI test automation 💥

But first, let’s take a quick look at how functional testing can be easily automated. I don’t understand why, but today, visual tests are always just an add-on to functional testing.

Lots of testers complain about flaky test cases. Business managers complain about high maintenance costs and sometimes even a negative ROI (the worst that can happen).

The answer is functional visual testing. The combination of both at the same time. If we treat the UI as the UI and not as some code (DOM, UIAutomation, AutomationID) your life got just so much easier and less stressful.

You can thank me later 😉

Based on weekly discussions with our customers I finally understood how complicated typical software testing automation tools are … 🤯

And what has this to do with Visual Sense?

As we strive to take out all the pain of test automation for you, we made it even easier to automate your test cases. recognizes the text, buttons, and entry fields automatically and even knows what labels belong to which item.

If your layout is dynamic aka responsive it doesn’t have any impact on the test cases, as Visual Sense still knows exactly where to enter the information, even though labels and boxes have a different positions. And yes, even if the label is now inside the text field!

Stay tuned for the next release at the end of August 2022!

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