How an international MedTech company saved 700+h/year with their IQOQ and can ship instant with their new software versions thank to


  • Automated IQOQ (Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification) test automation licenses got canceled unexpectedly
  • Previous automation was working fine with extra effort to keep the execution runs stable
  • Many criteria needed to be met for a new automated IQOQ: execution on customers' computers without installation or access to the internet, traceable report that must look identical to the one they had, being compliant with MedTech regulations


  • A test automation solution made for MedTech and, therefore, FDA-compliant without additional effort
  • Individualized report that looks exactly like the one they had. And customers get what they're familiar with
  • Executions without installation or access to the internet  


  • 33% faster IQOQ executions, which saves them 700+h/year of their FSE's on-site time
  • Stable executions on different computers with every single run
  • IQOQ can be released instantly with every new release of their software

The Company

Summary: International manufacturer of precision equipment in chemical analysis for the medical industry

Size: 2'600+ employees

Products: Chemical analysis precision equipment for medical purposes

HQ: Switzerland

The Challenge


An international, well-known company providing systems for chemical analysis in the lab, with automated IQOQ (Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification) being part of their products known for their high-quality standards - a substantial competitive advantage.

Field service engineers (FSE) performed IQOQ at the customer's site using an automated software test execution. It was working fine, but extra effort was needed to keep it stable for every new software version. 

Completely unexpected the software test automation tool vendor canceled their IQOQ licenses. This left them with a significant challenge as automated IQOQ was the only option to keep up their high-quality service which made them stand out and the offer was highly appreciated in the market.

They had to find a new test automation solution within a set timeframe to meet their high-quality standards. The challenge was that almost no tool met their requirements for IQOQ licensing, meaning licenses that can be used with customers on-site without installing anything on the customers' computers and without access to the internet. 

Most importantly, the report must look identical to what it looked like before. The value the customers get is the high-quality and detailed report, which is essential in MedTech to be compliant with the regulations.

The Solution


After evaluating multiple tools, it was clear that none besides met their criteria. is one of the only tools made for MedTech and Life Science companies (traceable, zero intrusion, frozen solution, etc.). It offers an IQOQ license that doesn't require the internet or an installation and may be started from a USB stick.

Besides that, with, they can easily resemble their existing report. Customers don't notice any difference and get precisely what they're familiar with. That's part of the Enterprise package.

The Result


Through the out-of-the-box stable test automation – there is no need to add special steps and workarounds to make it stable—and the human-like approach of, their IQOQ is now 1h faster than before! They save 33% of the FSEs' time on-site, which means 700+h/ year. 

When a new software version is released, IQOQ test cases are adjusted much faster, if required at all. What used to take weeks of automation and stabilization is now reduced to a few days, thanks to the speed and efficiency of

The initial automation of their IQOQ test cases took only 20 days. They were blown away by how fast this was possible, as their previous solution took them several months.

We should have changed the IQOQ to years ago. It's so much easier to work with, and we free up our test automation team and our FSEs, both very limited resources. Besides making them happy, we save a lot of money and can launch the IQOQ test automation instantly with the new software release. For example, before there was a time gap of one or two weeks, as we could not adjust the test automation without a released software.

- International IQOQ Responsible
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Save 1/3 of your FSEs' time on-site

Better set your IQOQ to a new level now – and save tons of money and time – than being in a position where you must get a new solution under time pressure.