How a financial service company closed the gap in their test automation and is now able to test Front Arena with automatically  


  • Trading platform Front Arena software can't be tested automated
  • Manual testing is too time-consuming, and resources are spare
  • Testing coverage is not what it could have been


  • automated technology-independent human-like software test automation (black box testing)
  • Pre-set AI table recognition for easy automation of the complex UI
  • Freeing up the team from time-demanding manual testing


  • Being able to automate all applications, no matter what technology
  • Flexible with resources, as no certification or special training is need for test automation with - not even for tables
  • Mitigated the business risk and gained confidence back, everything works as expected

The Company

Summary: An international working financial service company

Size: 4’900+ employees

Products: Private banking and asset management

HQ: Switzerland

The Challenge


A respected financial service provider leverages Front Arena, an electronic trading and position management platform for all their multi-asset workflows. Front Arena allows automation and integration of trading and risk management, sales and distribution, settlement, and accounting.  

This software, essential for the bank’s business, couldn’t be tested in an automated fashion. Two different test automation tools were evaluated: One just detected a black square, and the other retrieved continuous text that did not make any sense. Front Arena heavily utilizes graphical tables, a typical bottleneck for conventional test automation tools.

Therefore,this business critical application is tested manually. As always in daily business, they cannot dedicate the time required for thorough testing, resulting in a direct business risk.

The Solution


They were eager to find a solution to test Front Arena automated and free up the team from time-demanding manual testing. As they had already tried two tools, they were skeptical if any software test automation tool could ever handle the complex UI of this trading platform.

As interacts with the software as a user without relying on the code, i.e., automated black box testing, it has proven that it can interact with Front Arena without any problems. With the pre-set AI table recognition,you only need to label the element as a table, and all columns and rows are recognized. You define the interactions you want to take,and that’s it. The entire table is automated. 

The Result


Besides finally being able to test Front Arena automated, they didn’t have to train anyone on table automation nor on a new tool. After a short onboarding, they automated the most critical test cases in a few days.Now,having mitigated the business risk and gained confidence back, everything works as expected. The team has their time back for the task for which a human is needed, and the test coverage is at the desired level.

Especially for financial service companies and banks, it’s critical to ensure their applications work as expected through automated software testing: self-develop and purchased applications. Gaps in test automation with “non-automatable” applications or processes are a significant risk that could be fatal for the core business and reputation.

Mitigate this risk before you run into problems or the next audit.

I didn’t believe it was possible and was highly impressed when I started to use Testing Front Arena automated solves a major issue we have been facing for a long time.

- Head of Software Testing Competence Center
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Automate your software testing of non-automatable applications

Never have a gap again in test automation while becoming more flexible with the hard to find and limited resources.