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How Maxon increased their confidence in Cinema 4D with

Maxon tried multiple test automation tools on the market. Their automation experience was following the pattern all our customers have seen in the past: Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Even without bringing multiple platforms to the game. All that changed with provided Maxon the first test results within 1 week after the initial setup. Within 4 weeks a framework was built that supported multiple scenarios for testing 3D scenes, different tool usages and licensing. All on Windows and Mac simultaneously.

Maxon is ahead of their competitors because they saw the innovative approach of and were fast to decide.

Ask yourself:

How can you be ahead of your competitors if you all use the same tools? Mascot

Confidence requires usability,
stability & maintainability

Gaining confidence in the own software quality is build on the key pillars of usability, stability & maintainability.

Having a platform, as combines, an easy to use web portal and an automation solution which is fully integrated in the the most modern developer IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio. tests like a human: visually and by measuring results. This frees you from flaky Sleep or Wait code and gives you stability.

Treating your as real development projects. Executing maintainable software development today, increases your confidence for tomorrow.

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