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Being a Swiss product understands how important precision is to you and your customers.

We understand regulated markets

  • ISO norms, regulatory bodies. Most test automation providers do not even know these terms, nor do they understand the meaning for your daily business.

  • With you are fully covered. provides full traceability and documentation. All tests executions can be executed again in the exact same configuration of the initial run. If you need evidence in your audit, you can get it from your tests in

  • If you are confident, the auditor will also be confident in your implementation.

You are process driven, so is is unique in having a defined test process, The Workflow, that defines hand over of test cases between key users and automation engineers.

It gives you a five-state overview of which test is in which state. As key user you can approve individual results before a test case can be used in real test scenarios. gives you control.

As an automation engineer you have full transparency what is required to successfully automate a test case. You review and approve a test case before the automation will start.

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Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Proven out-of-the-box test process
  • Real-timne overview of your test cycle
  • Full traceability for every test run

Through Features


How to automate a scroller? What about dropdowns? Animated tabs? Our codified expertise implementation provides knowledge of over 12 years of consulting in one ready-to-use model.

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Intrusion uses operating system or device provided native functionalities like VNC, RDP, ADB, HDMI, … to connect to the test system. No need to install any runner means no need to modify your test environment.

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A test case consists of test plan revisions. A test plan consists of test report revisions. Our full traceability ensures that you can easily fulfill regulations like ISO 13485.

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No wait() code,
No sleep() code is not based on timings. We observe the system under test 1:1 like a human would and continue with an operation once the previous operation is finished. No need for Sleep(5).

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