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Your CRM is hosted in the cloud; your implementation partners work agile allowing them to deliver new changes every other week.  And you still relay on your key users to make sure that the data quality is high, the functionality works as expected, the integration with other enterprise systems work, the performance stays and to deliver uninterrupted functionality after the latest changes.

The result can be any combination of:

  • Low user adaptation – Nobody wants to use the CRM

  • Unhappy customers – People cannot perform with the CRM

  • Lack of customer management visibility – Your CRM is providing the wrong information, reports are not correct, dashboards are not current, and customers are lost

What are you benefits of applying

With you can combine the knowledge of your key users with automated visual testing and additional functionality like Reverse-OCR – to ensure integrity, functionality & performance. This makes you faster, frees up key resources, reduces costs and makes your customer happy.

Data Integrity means confidence in your data. Gain confidence. Visually!

It is important to check dashboards and reports from the view of the customer. Customers rely on visualizations like pie charts. provides you build-in support for Dynamics / Dynamics 365 visualizations.

Compare for yourself: How does your current test tool support you in tasks like checking report content & -layout.

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Working functionality generates confidence in your customer. provides you all means to safely check front- & backend functionality. Do not destroy your reputation by just one not working button. With you test your CRM implementation on any platform, e.g. multiple browsers, multiple operating system, multiple device sizes.

Performance with reduced costs generates confidence in your ability to deliver.

How do you currently test? You have functional tests in tool A and perhaps some manual tests tracked somewhere else. In addition, you have a special performance monitoring from vendor B. A

If you have any of these problems,
contact us today:

  • Your users are not satisfied with your CRM
  • The performance of you CRM is not as expected
  • You do not know how to automatically test reports and dashboards
  • Your automated tests take too long
  • Your automation tool does not allow you to scale, i.e. run more tests at the same time
  • You want to save costs is a solution to

  • Get confidence in the data and functionality of your CRM

  • Get confidence in the performance of your CRM

  • Get confidence how your CRM presents data (reports, dashboards, etc.)

  • Get confidence that your CRM is correctly integrated into other enterprise systems

Key Facts & Benefits:

  • No repetitive work for your key resources
  • Users are more productive as the system works without hiccups
  • runs on any CRM – no special connectors

Through Features


See and use your software as if a human would test it. No reliance on non-existing AutomationIDs or complex, always changing XPaths.

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Verification applied to OCR. Humans are not good in reading texts, neither are computers. Reverse-OCR fixes this by applying previous knowledge to the OCR process.

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Test Lab

Gives access to scale your test environments at your fingertip. You want to run your tests all at them same time? spins up 1000s of VMs in the cloud, also your cloud, according to your specification.

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Remote Testing allows you to run your tests anywhere. You want to do performance tests in your location in China. E.g. run them from within the local network in China, start them from anywhere in the world.

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