Medical Devices. You better know how to test

Medical devices are one of the most interesting areas you can be involved in testing. Your testing helps you save lives. But verification and validation in MedTech have their own challenges. Automating them, even more.

A good automation can save you, a bad one will kill you

A good automation strategy allows you to implement the positive effects of agile development while simultaneously increasing your regression testing up to 90%. This saves the time invested in classical impact assessments and minimize the risk of undetected defects. For every release.

Be aware, that there are pitfalls in the typical automation tools as they were not developed for regulated environments. provides you full traceability, customized reports that follow your verification SOPs, simple SOUP validation, zero-level intrusion and other hard to find benefits.

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Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Complete built-in traceability
  • No risk-based testing, everything is tested
  • Full regression test on every release – no impact assessment on bug fixes or changes

Through Features


Validate one version of the engine and we make sure all your tests stick to this version. You still get the latest usability updates in the Designer or the Portal but we make sure that the tests are always executed with the specific version of the Engine that you had approved.

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Intrusion uses operating system or device provided native functionalities like VNC, RDP, ADB, HDMI, … to connect to the test system. No need to install any runner means no need to modify your test environment.

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A test case consists of test plan revisions. A test plan consists of test report revisions. Our full traceability ensures that you can easily fulfill regulations like ISO 13485.

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See and use your software as if a human would test it. No reliance on non-existing AutomationIDs or complex, always changing XPaths.

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