Web Applications.

Your solution is featuring the latest web technologies. You have dynamic html pages that impress your customers. But your testing tool does not cope with the speed of your inventions nor can you use it for your daily releases because some tests are always broken.
Like some of our customers say: Lots of costs, little confidence gain.

Simple solution, test what your customer sees first

TestResults.io is a platform for test automation. That comes with a novel visual testing engine. This engine does not rely on AutomationIDs, XPath or multi-attribute identification. It relies on what you customer use: Your user interface. That is all TestResults.io needs to help you test your web application effortlessly.

Second, test your backend

A visual test engine does not help for your backend APIs or data storage. TestResults.io includes a complete coding environment that allows you to fully test any API or data store. If you can imagine it, you can test with TestResults.io.

Data storage

Third, do not rely on one tool, use a test platform

That is not all. Today’s landscape is not one tool rules it all. That is why TestResults.io is a platform which integrates multiple tools.

  • If you are already using Selenium, welcome, TestResults.io supports Selenium natively.

  • If you are already using PostMan oder SoapUI, welcome, TestResults.io supports those engines as well.

  • If you are using something completely bizarre, development of an adapter takes usually 5 days.

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Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Time saver, no workaround for modern web applications required

  • Cost reduction, no modifications for testing needed for your existing web application

  • Cloud-native means it scales with your web application; your application grows your testing grows without additional costs

Through Features


See and use your software as if a human would test it. No reliance on non-existing AutomationIDs or complex, always changing XPaths.

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All your tests, all results, all environments available from in a secure place, accessible via Internet from everywhere. You do not need to install any software to run or manage your test cases.

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More than 4000

Our Zapier interface allows you to integrate TestResults.io in more than 4000 systems like Jira or your bug tracker, or your CRM, or your …, you name it. We integrate with almost everything.

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No wait() code,
No sleep() code

TestResults.io is not based on timings. We observe the system under test 1:1 like a human would and continue with an operation once the previous operation is finished. No need for Sleep(5).

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