Integrates everywhere. More than 4000 integrations.

If your automation solution cannot be integrated with other systems at all or if you can only integrate in some specific systems, read on.

Solution Integration within 5 min
In only 5 min. connect your test automation with >4000 systems

Open APIs and integration bring confidence

Imagine that you can easily integrate your test automation solutions with drag and drop in over 4000 different systems.

Trio-api solved

Zappier is the standard to integrate modern, open platforms. Why should your test automation not support this? Instead of only integrating to Jira you can have a live integration in Jira, generate tickets in Confluence, update your CI pipeline and send an email to the team. You could even track test KPIs in salesforce, but that would be a bit extrem.

If that is not enough, you can still programmatically access every it of information with an open, fully documented REST API.

This is modern testing, this is confidence.
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