AI assisted. Not AI driven.

You read more and more about artificial intelligence (AI) in testing. The benefits of an AI driven testing are more and more challenged. What is beneficial in the eyes of experts like Gartner is an AI assisted testing.

AI assisted saves times

But assisting AI can save time. Imagine you need to identify controls on the screen. Doing it manually takes 2 minutes. AI can help by identify potential controls and pre-identify them for you. This saves you roughly 50 percent.

AI can also help to identify potential new problems. Imagine that a test is executed 15 times and the 15th time that screen looks a bit different. The AI can detect the difference and give you an indication that something changed. That is, what we call the Human Factor.

In summary, assisting AI saves you time and gives you additional insights. A pure AI driven testing is dangerous and mainly unpredictable. Keep in mind if a test tool vendor cannot answer you “How did you test your AI” in a understandable way, rather take a step back.

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