Frozen Solution. For validated test environments.

If you are testing in environments in which test tools need to be validated before they can be used. Frozen Solutions are what you are looking for.

How often can you update the tools?
Agile Testing Tool simplifies your validation efforts is the first automation tested platform. consist of four components: The Portal, The Designer, The Engine & The Controller. 100 percent of you work is done in the Portal or Designer. The test execution is done and controlled by the Engine and Controller. This means that you need to validate those.

This allows you validate a combination of the Engine & Controller and use exactly this combination for the execution. New end-user facing features are mainly delivered via the Portal and Designer. This means for you that you can benefit from new features and updated functionality while still executing the test cases in the already validated environment.

A frozen solution in this setup saves you time and costs as you do not need to stick to a specific version of the tools you use and makes sure that the test cases are always executed with the validated environment.

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