Regain confidence and reduce costs.

One of the reasons to automate for everyone is to reduce costs. Does your current automation tool really save you costs? There is always potential to save more.

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And all that sums up

A simple real-world example from one of our customers:

License Type/Costs

Number Of Licenses

Costs Per License


3 6000


10 3000

This setup will cost you CHF 192’000 within 4 years. Just for the tooling. No hardware nor no training nor employee costs included. And it is only 10 simultaneous executions.

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Making a complete switch, what we don’t recommend

Cutting of with the existing vendor on day X and proceeding with TestResults. It will bring you a yearly saving with the given example: CHF 42276.00 But you will have to check with the termination terms and if you are not running risk with this sudden switch.

Proceed with an adaptive switch, what we recommend

You already have made a great decision by implementing test automation in your company. The second great decision is to optimize the first decision with a customized test automation solution. With TestResults,.io we recommend a smooth transition over 24 months. Which gives you the following saving for the next 4 years:

With the customer reduced the costs by 88%.

The 88% saving includes the licenses required to maintain the existing automation for 24 months.

Key Facts & Benefits:

  • Central dashboard accessible for all stakeholders – for free
  • Tremendous cost reduction with modern licensing system – scalable
  • Cut costs from day 1 with a pre-defined 24-month transition process

Through Features


See and use your software as if a human would test it. No reliance on non-existing AutomationIDs or complex, always changing XPaths.

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All your tests, all results, all environments available from in a secure place, accessible via Internet from everywhere. You do not need to install any software to run or manage your test cases.

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No wait() code,
No sleep() code is not based on timings. We observe the system under test 1:1 like a human would and continue with an operation once the previous operation is finished. No need for Sleep(5).

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Test Lab

Gives access to scale your test environments at your fingertip. You want to run your tests all at them same time? spins up 1000s of VMs in the cloud, also your cloud, according to your specification.

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