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The secret of athletes to outperform their competitors is being in the zone, also known as the mental state where everything flows quickly and effortlessly, thoroughly enjoying it. Besides, in professional-level sports, it became the secret for outstanding results in a fraction of the time in other industries.

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iFrames, browser tab switching, pop-ups, non traditional objects.
I asked the Guild for feedback on what might be a challenging test case that, if handled by a tool, would inspire confidence in its abilities. TestResults.io handled the Guild's challenges easily. No more MacGyver-like automation skills will be needed to obtain a complete automation testing platform for all your testing needs.
Joe Colantonio
Joe Colantonio
Founder, Test Guild
TestResults.io aims to close the gaps in automation testing
It's easy and intuitive to use. It fulfills almost all the user requirements and covers up the challenges as well. This technology can also be used to close gaps you have in your current automation, i.e., things you cannot automate right now, like checking downloaded documents, automating across system borders, solving multi-factor authentication, etc.
Mukta Sharma
Top 100 Influential Women in Tech
You should definitely take a look at TestResults.io
If you haven't tried out TestResults.io, give it a shot, you will love it, I can tell you from my own personal experience. This is something different, something for you to explore something for you to take to your management and talk about.
Brijsh Deb
Brijesh Deb
Founder, The Test Chat