The 6 most popular AI in test automation resources

The 6 most popular AI in test automation resources

May 14, 2024

Whether artificial intelligence in test automation or even autonomous testing- the testing market and its major players are caught up in the whirlwind of marketing buzzwords.

But have you ever considered how AI can capture a user's intentions and determine which aspects to test and test autonomously?
It sparks a thought: Could testing become almost redundant in such a scenario?

Speaking of autonomy, consider the prolonged development of self-driving cars. Are there parallels between the journey of autonomous vehicles and the realm of autonomous testing with AI? These intriguing intersections prompt us to ponder.

We've curated a collection of the 6 most sought-after resources featuring renowned testing experts in response to these thoughts.

They address the issues in depth, illuminating the unfiltered reality of the effectively possible and meaningful use of AI in test automation and resolving the extent to which autonomous testing is already possible.

Learn with these most popular webinars, discussions, and articles how AI can help you take your test automation to the next level and where you should exercise a healthy dose of skepticism about overzealous promises.



1. THE panel discussion about "Test Automation and the use of generative AI" between Michael Bolton, Paul Grossman, Larry Goddard, and Tobias Müller

2h deep dive video

Imagine sitting at a table with four testing experts and experiencing expert opinions and perspectives on generative AI in test automation, which you can use for yourself and your testing career!

This was exactly the case in the recent panel discussion between Michael Bolton, Paul Grossman, Larry Goddard, and Tobias Müller.

They dove into some entertaining and thought-provoking topics from which you can now catch some nuggets for your testing career:

·        Learn about the differences between marketing hypes and the concept of generative AI

·        Find out how far AI can make you a better tester (or not)

·        See Insights on ChatGPT and its results

·        Hear why AI is not taking our jobs

One of the highlights was delving into the tricky issue of AI-caused errors and the responsibilities surrounding them!

Experience an extraordinary, exciting discussion between four testing enthusiasts with four different approaches.


2. Artificial Intelligence In Test Automation at Zapple. tech's Meetup

 Test Automation Meetup Talk by

The Online Test Automation Meetup, organized by and famous among QA enthusiasts, is an event focusing on software testing, test automation, DevOps, and digital quality assurance.

That's where Tobias Müller's session on Artificial Intelligence in Test Automation hits the nail on the head! The conversation with LarryG, Bas Dijkstra, and the over 100 live participants was so much fun and delightful!

They discussed about:

·        Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency

·        Longest Common Subsequence algorithms for self-healing

·        Test cases generated by artificial intelligence

·        and what all this stands for


They've also seen the analogy of the AI hypes in the 1960s, the 1980s, and today. In addition, they talked about autonomous testing and how a small piece of information from the FDA can change your view of what autonomy really means.


The conclusion was that you won't lose your job because of AI. 


Sounds promising, doesn't it?

See for yourself what myths Tobias debunks about AI and what actually has meat on the bone!


3. 8 Innovative AI Test Automation Tools for the Future: The Third Wave

Blogpost by Joe Colantonio

If you are passionate about maintaining top-notch software quality and staying updated with the latest news, trends, and tools, Joe Colantonio from TestGuild is the guy to go!

He engages with the testing industry's brightest minds and shares valuable insights with the testing community.

Since 2017, he's been curating the most innovative AI test automation tools, categorizing them into three periods or "waves" of test automation.

And has made it to the list of the top 8 innovative tools for the future!

Which dominating details he noticed during the selection process and which features you should not do without in AI test automation tools can be found in his article about the 8 top AI test automation tools for the future!



4. Autonomous Testing with Bas Dijkstra

Webinar with Test Automation Consultant Bas Dijkstra

Is autonomous testing still further away than the marketing buzzwords promise? And what is realistic?

In a lovely and delightful live conversation, Bas Dijkstra and Tobias Müller made comparisons with autonomous driving. They talked about the latest trends with GPT-4 and the general goal of autonomous testing.

In this webinar, you can enjoy to

·        Learn about the differences between the concept of autonomous testing and its marketing

·        See insights on GTP-4: Does a computer program really understand what a unicorn is?

·        Define human intelligence and artificial intelligence

·        Find out if Bas already autonomous testing in the year 2014

The two test automation experts also discussed possible future autonomous testing scenarios.

Be curious about bare facts around the latest hype and watch in:

We have here made the recording available for you! 


5. Why AI doesn't work for element detection in software testing and beyond

 Blogpost by

To automate your software testing, it would be helpful if you don't have to do all the work yourself, and the AI would assist you, saving you lots of time through element detection.

Sounds great, BUT …

In practice, unfortunately, it doesn't work as the theory promises; artificial intelligence cannot technically reliably recognize and distinguish between the elements in test automation - at least if you go the classical way.

Now you are wondering why it shouldn't work if almost all the big players have it.

Besides the arguments and examples of why it doesn't work, you might be interested in the intelligent solution that actually allows you to save time and effort in test automation.

We have summarized all this in one article:

Discover the optimal approach to element detection!



6. Unlocking the AI Revolution in Test Automation

 Webinar by Synapse QA

SYNAPSE QA is a community-driven platform that supports and inspires software testing talent by bridging the gap between the known and the unknown. With a vision to foster creativity and self-belief, SYNAPSE QA allows software testers to share exclusive and cutting-edge testing knowledge via blogs, webinars, conventions, and other events.

The live webinar on artificial intelligence in test automation was the crowning glory.

Did you ever challenge someone when they talked about machine learning and deep learning? Did you ask them what the difference is?

Tobias did it and revealed the findings in the webinar about the stages in test automation and how AI can be applied to them (or not).

Did you miss the live webinar but are curious about the topic of artificial intelligence in test automation? Grab the know-how here!




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